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Sarcina în UK

Hey peeps!

A trecut așa de mult timp de când am scris ultima oară pe blog încât nici nu mai știu cum să încep… chiar și interfața WordPress-ului a fost modificată. Ei bine, de la ultima mea postare (Ianuarie 2018, wow!) până acum s-au întâmplat o mulțime de lucruri, cei care mă urmăriți pe Facebook și Instagram sunteți la curent … Read more

Living the British dream

How moving to England changed me

….and nope, not just the fact that I prefer to write most of my posts in English.

Hey, peeps! I think you all remember how much I dreamt about moving to the UK (if not, check my posts here) and that I was convinced that one day this will happen. For those of you new here: I’m Andra, a Read more


(Review) InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel

*English only

Hi guys! I know I wasn’t active for a long period here on the blog and I’m not proud of it! I had so many moments when I really felt the need to write but I don’t know why I couldn’t; something was keeping me, spending the spare time watching tv series, cooking, spending time with my boyfriend, Read more