Hey peeps, my name is Andra Jugravu. Welcome to my blog!

I’m from Romania but I’ve moved to the UK in 2014. I work as a Specialist Physiotherapist and in my spare time I like to travel with my hubbie Mihai and our toddler Lukas. I also have two cats: Tommy and Jerry.

I started blogging in 2010 but never kept up with it as you can notice if you check my blog’s archive – when I bought a domain I’ve also deleted lots of old posts as I didn’t consider them relevant or ‘me’ anymore. I promise I will write more often now ­čÖé

Andera’s Blog is a personal blog where everything I write is from my point of view and if you’re interested in things such as: traveling, physiotherapy, mom life and products review then I hope you will enjoy your stay here and will also come back.

You will notice that some of my posts are only in Romanian – they cover tips or recommendations for the ones who are planning to move to the UK.

You are welcome to leave your feedback in the boxes below every post or emailing me using the Contact form.

Take care,

Andra J.