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Letter from Santa – Lapland Letters

Hi peeps,

If you’re currently looking for present ideas for your little ones, take a look at Lapland Letters.

Lapland Letters is a UK company that produces personalised letters for children from Santa/Father Christmas.

Each letter is uniquely personalised for your child and you can choose from 10 types of letters (£5.95) and designs, they’ve even got one for Lockdown. Santa changes his letters every year so different ones will be available next time.

All envelopes contain a free secret map and you can also add a personalised text message from Santa that would be sent on Christmas day and/ a bumper activity pack (£2.95) which includes some free gifts (Good Child certificate, Christmas countdown and Santa Treat sheet).

To make sure the letter arrives on time for Christmas, last days for postal dates are:

  • UK 24 Hour Express: 22nd of December 2020;
  • UK Standard: 20th of December 2020.

For worldwide orders, check the postal dates here.

Lapland Letters kindly sent letters from Santa to Lukas and some of his friends.


The whole idea of these letters is brilliant, especially nowadays with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment.

Growing up, I’ve noticed that the magical essence of Christmas is fading and it gets lost in time as we rush through life trying to tick everything we have on that ‘to do list’, therefore it’s important that we remember to keep young in our hearts and entertain that inner child through our children and grandchildren and re-live some childhood moments such as when we used to believe in Santa Claus who was bringing us presents every year.

Lukas and Matteo seem very excited to discover what’s in the envelopes, so let’s find out together:

For Lukas we chose the Christmas is coming letter. We’ve personalised it with his name, his friend’s name and an unique message at the bottom. For Matteo, his mom chose Baby’s 1st Xmas and will open it on Christmas day.
A Very good child certificate 🙂 Let’s hope he remains on Santa’s good list next year.
Santa stop here window poster + Santa’s Secret map
Christmas colour countdown activity 🙂
Other activity ideas (including a respond letter to Santa) and a Choc Chip Cookie mix for Santa/Elves

What do you think of this present idea?

Take care,

Andra 🙂

Disclosure: I’ve received these products for free for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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