The prettiest places to visit in Wales

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I’m sure you all know by now how much we love travelling and even recently with a 8 weeks old baby we’ve managed to go to South Wales and not only (just so you know that having a baby doesn’t stop you from travelling – but this is a subject for another post).

Over time, unfortunately, hardly any of our travels have been discussed about in here so I’ve decided to start this type of posts as most of you have seen my photos on Insta and Facebook.

Therefore I’m starting with our latest destination: Wales. Bare in mind that these photos have been taken over several trips we’ve done by now to Wales so the weather and the season might differ but I’m going to recommend the prettiest and best places to visit in Wales starting off with…

1. Llandudno & Great Orme

Llandudno is a lovely victorian coastal town situated in North Wales with opening at the Irish Sea. Walking on the pier you can see the Great Orme which has a 207m summit (bottom right photo).

Great Orme can be accessed by foot, car, tramway or cable car. Beware of the wind up there!

You get stunning views with either one of the options. And the same if you choose to drive around the Great Orme on the Marine Drive. There’s an actual game called World Rally Championship where you can drive around the Great Orme.

2. Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is a fortification situated in North Wales, considered by UNESCO as one of ‘the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe’ and is classed as a World Heritage site.

3. Holyhead

Holyhead is a major Irish Sea port serving Ireland. Perfect place to relax and get an awesome view of the Irish Sea.

4. Criccieth Castle & beach

Criccieth Castle is a native Welsh castle situated on the headland in Criccieth. Walking on the Criccieth Beach you get lovely views of the castle.

5. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a mountainous region in Northwestern Wales and contains the highest peaks in the UK outside of Scotland, one of them being Snowdon 1085m. We’ve been to Snowdonia a few times but never got the chance to take the train up to the Snowdon summit but I totally recommend this from what I’ve seen in videos on youtube. The issues for us were either no dates available or it was in the winter so the train wasn’t working. Definitely on the list for this summer.

6. Barmouth Bridge & beach

Barmouth is part of Snowdonia, being its most popular seaside resort with stunning views over the mountains and the sea. Barmouth bridge is the longest timber viaduct in Wales and one of the oldest in regular use in Great Britain.

7. Black Mountain Pass & Elan Valley

Black Mountain road is famous for its twists and climbs in Brecon Beacons National Park along the Black Mountains. It’s a 32 km challenging drive and became very popular since was featured in Top Gear back in 2011. Make sure you stop in the lay-bys for some stunning views. You should have a look on google maps for this – it’s one hell of a ride!

The Elan Valley reservoirs are a chain of man-made lakes created by damming the Elan and Claerwen rivers within the Elan valley. The reservoirs provide clean drinking water for Birmingham and comprises of 6 dams, one of which is called Caban Coch and you can see it in the photos attached below. The view is amazing, the air is so fresh and you can walk up to the top of the dam and see the reservoir.

8. Mwnt Beach

Mwnt Beach is a stunning sandy beach, perfect to visit in the late afternoon when it gets quiet and also walk on the coast path to spot some dolphins.

9. Pembrokeshire Coast

You can find the ruins of the Blue Lagoon walking up on the coast from Abereiddy beach. The lagoon is actually a small slate quarry flooded by the sea. It’s 25m deep and the colour is more greenish than blue due to the quarry minerals. The lagoon is always full of visitors enjoying scuba diving and coasteering.

Green Bridge of Wales and the Stack rocks are situated on the Pembrokeshire coast. Seabirds are nesting on the rocks (you can actually see them in the photos below) and the arch is covered with vegetation therefore the name of Green Bridge. The rocks can be accessed by car but follow the signs on the road as google maps will take you nowhere.

Barafundle Bay is a hidden gem on the Pembrokshire coast with deep sandy beach and cristal clear water. Lovely walk on the coast to access it from the car park.

10. Cardiff

I don’t need to tell you a lot about Cardiff as you all know it’s the capital of Wales. But Cardiff is one of the cities that we keep going back to. The bay is awesome, especially at sunset but not only and love its atmosphere full of life.

Very close to Cardiff is Caerphilly Castle – medieval fortification whose leaning tower leans more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and thank you for your time.

For tips regarding accommodation and how to find any of these places leave your comment below or email me using the contact form.

Have you ever been to these places? Do you have any other to recommend?

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